My husband John & I at the Ohio State Fair, our favorite local event all year


A bourbon fan myself, lettering custom-labeled bottles of Maker's Mark is my new favorite holiday thing


Sweaty & happy here in front of the PINK pop-up shop bus downtown, lettering name plates for young women professionals


& thanks for stopping by!

I'm Martha, an English instructor

& artist from Columbus, Ohio.



When I'm not creating or teaching, you can mostly find me meandering & reading in the rose garden, running my favorite road along the brook, YouTubing music videos & art history lectures, playing with my nieces & nephews, or enjoying pickles & wine in the company of good friends (a good record will do, too).


Professional interests: beer, wine, & spirit label design and content writing

Personal interests: travel, romantic poetry, plants, marine life, & coffee



My commissions have involved hand-lettering & designing custom calligraphy & art for . . .

  • weddings, showers, & unique celebrations

  • corporate events (Victoria's Secret PINK, Maker's Mark, etc.)

  • small businesses (Pistacia Vera, Studio 614, etc.)

  • entrepreneurs (The Patchbay Columbus Music Festival, AK Realty, etc.)

. . . and all types of clients requesting custom gifts.


I've worked with the media of ink, graphic design tools, watercolor & acrylic paint, and more, brandishing traditional nibs & pens, wood-burning hot-knives, chalk......you name it. And I'm always open to new projects!


My custom lettering & design services begin at $30 per hour.